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What I do that most other web designers don’t do:

If you ever wondered why a website cost what it does and why it takes a few weeks to create or redesign a website or even make it mobile friendly? Then read the list below that itemizes the tasks I perform for each customer that I can guarantee you most other web designers will not do for you, or charge you a lot more money for.

Despite this long list, I still keep my prices very low!

List of additional tasks that I perform for your mobile-friendly website, often not done by others:

  • I research your competition thoroughly
  • I research your industry itself and become knowledgable about it
  • I come up with additional ideas for your website to make more money
  • I don’t just enter some content on pages, I strategically place things, rewrite content if needed, or add content so the website gets the highest return on investment
  • I pay attention to the smallest details on your website and make it look as professional and beautiful as possible
  • I use stock photography at no extra charge
  • I edit any customer images to make them look as good as they can
  • I fix or create the logo if needed
  • I add additional content to give the website more volume/pages (good for Google) that I find myself online
  • I create cool looking elements in Photoshop to attract attention to something
  • I reorganize existing content or the navigation menu, if needed, for a more intuitive website
  • I enter the products you have in the shopping cart system for you
  • I optimize the website for the search engines
  • I write a post in my blog about the new site with links pointing to it
  • I post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (1700+ connections) a message about your new website with a link of course
  • I apply Google webmaster tools and Google analytics
  • I make sure your new or existing website is responsive / mobile-friendly!
  • I include SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • I actually test the website when it’s finished
  • I give a 90 day guarantee from the date of completion
  • And so much more!

One Response to “What I do that most other web designers don’t do:”

  1. Kristen Swanson

    Apr 1st, 2015 :

    Wow, that is an amazing list! You’d think other web designers would also perform all these tasks but from my experience with previous designers, they never did or maybe only just a few items from this list. It sounds like you really care about your customer’s success and that’s hard to find these days. We now only want you to do our website and we just hope you’re not too busy! 🙂

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