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ince we offer WordPress websites and web design here at Lionsites WD, we would like to give a brief explanation to those of you who don’t know Wordpress.


What is WordPress?

It’s a type of website where it’s easy  to edit your own webpages yourself and add pictures & videos!

WordPress is one of the most popular website systems available  today. WordPress is a software system that gets integrated into your web design, and with that system you can go online yourself and edit all the text on your pages yourself, as well as add photos, videos and much more! You will have lots of control and fun with it and IT IS EASY TO USE FOR ANYONE!

Its many powerful features lie in the thousands (mostly) free plugins (what the heck is that?). A plugin is just a piece of programming code that can be installed (plugged in) by me on your website and it will give you cool features, such as social media integration, beautiful online forms, an online store, a captivating slider or slideshow, a spectacular looking portfolio, online directories, even a nice shopping cart system if you need one! Because WordPress has so many of these nice plugins, it will save you lots of money by not having to pay for custom programming. Not bad!

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What are plugins?

Plugins are pieces of code created with the purpose of expanding the functionalities of a WordPress website, thus of your website. Also referred to as a module sometimes. After I install and configure your plugins, you suddenly have the coolest high-end features on your website. Nice looking online forms, shopping cart, directories, catalogs, slideshows, social media integration, the sky is the limit! If you can think of it, I know I can do it!

Why use WordPress?

Once your website is completed by me, I will teach you personally how you can edit pages and other content yourself, add your own products easily, add pictures and videos, and lots more without having to hire a web designer. With the tons of features that can easily be added, you save lots of money on expensive programming fees (@$100+/hour)

We like WordPress so much, I use it myself for this website but this website is in need of an update however!

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Some Services and Options I can offer with WordPress:

( Not a complete list because it would be too long.  Just to give you some ideas.)

  • A complete WordPress website, including I add your content myself
  • A half-complete WordPress website, you add all your own content yourself and save money
  • Just a new design for your WordPress website
  • Installation of WordPress system only
  • Installation of templates (called theme), you pick out a theme (a theme is a ready made design for WordPress)
  • Installation & configuration of plugins to extend functionality
  • Setting up your pages, etc
  • Creating menus
  • Social Media Integration
  • Contact forms
  • Other online forms
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Blog pages
  • News & Events calendar and or page
  • E-commerce integration and configuration
  • Payment plugins
  • Business Directories
  • Slideshows, Galleries, Portfolio Pages
  • Home page Slider
  • Recipes module for cooking websites
  • Google analytics integration
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • and lots and lots more! ANYTHING can be done with WordPress!

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