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Not as expensive as you might think!

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ere at Lionsites Web Design, where we enjoy being creative, we still do custom design work, despite all the free and paid-for templates out there. You might think, oh boy, this must be expensive, but it really isn’t because when we have to modify a store-bought template, it almost takes just as much time to do.

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We also do custom design work for WordPress Websites, not just for the simple “static” websites. A static website is a website that only uses HTML and maybe some Javascript, but no online database or PHP generated content.

What should I choose, a static website or a WordPress website?

If you have the need for just a very small website that doesn’t need a lot of changes often, a static website will do just fine.

However, if you are thinking of having a website built with lots of cool features and functionalities, and you would like to be able to do the updates to the site, as well as upload new pictures and videos, or even PDF files, then we recommend a WordPress or even a Joomla! website for you.

A note about Joomla! versus WordPress

Joomla is a slightly more advanced system right out of the box compared to WordPress. It’s excellent for bigger organizations with lots of users, as well as for online newspapers or magazine that has lots of new articles each month.

The best idea is to call us and talk to us so we can decide together what the best course of action should be.


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