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ouldn’t you want to just walk through your own online store and look at the shelves and view wonderfully presented articles, you wish you could just grab?

Have you always dreamed of having your own online store? Then now is the time to take action. Whether you will be selling beauty products, artwork, scissors or digital downloadable products, we can get you all set up and going in a beautifully designed online store website.

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Do you need an e-commerce solution?

If you are planning on selling a variety of products, would like to be able to view your daily sales reports, would like to be able to easily add/edit or remove products, and much more… then the answer is yes!

Even for services, or intangeable products, an e-commerce solution will make things easier for you to manage. You can sell subscriptions, trasining resources, or anything else and you want the sale to happen on your website automatically so you will have more time focusing on managing your store.

Can’t I just use PayPal?

Of course you can just use Paypal, but for each new produt you would have to create a new PayPal button. An e-commerce software will do this for you automatically and you can even offer more than one payment options. So you could offer PayPal as well as credit cards or e-checks.

The types of software we currently work with, but not limited to

We work with the following third party solutions, see below, and have experience with setting up and configuring the online store, as well as customizing the design.

Some of these solutions are self-hosted. This means that the developers of the software host all their accounts themselves. Some of them are not, which means you are free to choose your own hosting service. Just make sure it is compatible with their software (Linux or Windows). If you don’t know, of course we can suggest the right software for your business and you won’t need to do anything but watch us build an e-commerce website for you.

(unless you are already using or have decided on a particular software)

  • WOOCOMMERCE (and other e-commerce plugins for WordPress)
    A self-hosted service for online stores and E-bay auctions and other venues, that ties into the same inventory database as the customer’s physical retail store.
  • NITROSELL with Microssoft Point of Sale Software
    Nitrosell is a company in Ireland that offers hosted solutions for store owners who use Microsoft’s point of sale software and want an online store.

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