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Warning: eBay is weeding out smaller sellers in favor of Power Sellers

Here’s my story and what I encountered with eBay.

I own the domain name: AmericanStockMarkets.com which is a premium top domain name as you can imagine. I lucked out tremendously when I searched for it at Godaddy and it was available. You don’t expect that with a name like that.

I used to be a stock broker myself so I’ve always been interested in finance.

I figured, with a domain name like this, the sky is the limit with what you can do with it. Think: BIG advertisers, such as financial TV stations, investment companies such as Merryll Lynch, Waterhouse, Charles Schwab, think financial newspapers and magazines who would like to get some of this website’s traffic.

So HUGE potential.

My idea was to put it on eBay for a very low price but put in a very high reserve. This way if it didn’t sell, I could see what it was really worth at least, and decide then to either lower my offer price or reserve price or keep the domain name for myself.

So I went through the entire product listing setup, which doesn’t even come with the option of selling digital goods because you were forced to define a shipping method.

But… when I clicked Publish, it wouldn’t let me!

My reserve was too high because I wasn’t a Power Seller and they were also going to charge a $100 fee for using a reserve price that first needed to be lowered dramatically. So I was forced to list the domain name with no reserve, kind of scary actually.

I wanted to make it a “Featured” or “Premium” listing but that option was also taken away!

It’s ruined all my plans for some of my other amazing domain names I own!

How this domain name game got started, I went crazy

I went crazy with purchasing domain names recently, each time I thought of something, or if I were playing Words with Friends, name ideas came to mind and if they were available as a dot com name, I would purchase them.

I now own over 320 names so I need to sell some or I won’t be able to pay for the renewals even!

All my names are dot coms and all my domain names are really good ones, at least I think they are.

Golden rule: if you can’t pronounce the name, it’s not a good name!

eBay has gone downhill

Unfortunately, Ebay has gone downhill and despite of me having a perfect 100% feedback score and never had any claims or problems, they restricted my account and I can’t even put in a high reserve or a high asking price.

So I went online to see if it was just me or not, and it seems that many people got the same thing from Ebay. Some people who make made a living off Ebay aren’t even allowed to sell more than 100 products/month anymore, or the product total list offer price or reserve price couldn’t be more than $1000 so you can’t sell a nice piece of furniture even!

This will break business for many smaller sellers with these limits when profit margins are slim to begin with due to fierce competition.

And it’s not just that! There’s more!

Some people can only have up to 20 categories in their eBay shop or can’t put more than 20 products in each category or both. Calling eBay about this will get you nowhere either!

This is BS!!!

Ebay favors the “Power Sellers” and they can do whatever they want, sell anything they want for as much as they want with no limit on number of products per month. However the smaller sellers can’t do anything.

Therefore, I am convinced that eBay has decided to weed out all the small sellers, the ones that try to make a living on eBay, not the occasional seller who has a $40 product from Grandma’s attic.

I will set up an auction website myself. I’ve started it already and it’s half done now. I’m doing it as you can guess in…. WordPress!

Be assured: no limits on ANYTHING and much lower fees!

Please comment below if you had a similar experience or something else related to eBay.

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