The Client Relationship

The Relationship Between Lionsites Web Design, its Staff, and the Client

Here at Lionsites Web Design we are fortunate and grateful to have been working for more than 15 years (July 2016) with the most wonderful and cooperating clients as yourself.

We enjoy these relationships as it makes our work more enjoyable and rewarding. In most cases, we never have to explain our limits and boundaries, because the majority of people who contact us, respect and value our work and time.

Equally, we respect your time and wishes, and we always try to do our very best to meet or exceed your expectations. See Customer Testimonials.

Unfortunately, and very rarely, we have experienced clients who don’t understand our work ethics, don’t respect our time and efforts, don’t appreciate all we do for them, and step way outside the boundaries of what is called unethical behavior towards our company. Because of this experience, we are forced to create this page, to set the limits and boundaries, as well as explain the client’s rights and options, clearly and accessible to anyone, so that both parties can enjoy, what we hope, a long and lasting friendly relationship.


Lionsites Web Design’s Role

Our role and duty to the client is to treat them with kindness and respect, and without the use of threats or pressure. To stick to our commitments and promises to the best of our abilities.

Unless the client fails to comply with the agreements of his contract or the general agreements of this company, such as to pay an invoice when it is due, we are allowed by law to invoice the customer by any means necessary, until the payment has been received in full. That includes the use of collection agencies and legal assistance. It also includes taking back or down our intellectual and creative properties. However, this drastic method will not take place until 30 days have past after the initial invoice. Remember, invoices are due upon receipt!

We understand that life happens, and if for any unforeseen problems the payment can’t be made on the due date, (not 30 days after), to notify Lionsites Web Design in writing so an alternative payment plan can be set up that we mutually agree on and that allows the customer up to 30 days to pay from the date of first invoice.

Our duty is to deliver the requested assignments of the client’s project on time and as promised. The exception to this rule is when a client has not delivered the necessary content or other materials, photographs, logins, etc. necessary to complete the job before that due date, or hasn’t been available to respond to any requests from us, and causes a delay in meeting a deadline themselves.

All and any changes to the proposed and quoted project, after having signed the contract, or if no contract, after having paid the down payment in case of an oral agreement, need to be submitted to Lionsites Web Design in writing. We accept email, text messages and handwritten or typed formats. Not by phone because we need a record of changes. If you make a request by phone only and not in writing, we are not obligated to take action on the request.

Any requests that the client presents to us, whether it is checking website traffic or testing a functionality, after it has already been implemented and tested before, needs to be submitted in writing. We will always do our best to perform those requests at our earliest convenience, but keep in mind we are a small business and we do have other clients as well. Please treat us like human beings and not like robots, machines or a piece of dirt. For urgent matters, we can make an exception but you may be charged an additional fee, and again, this needs to be in writing.

The Role and the Boundaries of the Client

The client, just as our company, will adhere to the promises he made in the contract and deliver them when expected and due. Failure to do so by the client, or the client giving us the wrong information or unusable content, is the liability of the client only, and we can’t be held responsible for any negative outcomes that are the result of this. That includes loss of earnings, or failures in functionalities, or anything else. But know we are always willing to help, and we will notify you of unusable materials and ask you to work with us to correct this, or have us correct it for you. This may incur an additional charge of our hourly fee, if it involves a substantial amount of work. We will discuss any fees beforehand so you will never be unpleasantly surprised.

We will keep our promise and we hope that you will keep yours.

Prohibited Client Behavior

Any actions by the client as stipulated below, will result in the resignement of Lionsites Web Design as the client’s web design company, and discontinuation of any remaining work, to fulfill any promises made and the entire project will come to a final stop and the client relationship with us will be terminated immediately. The contract will become invalid in regards to the outlines of the project but not in regards to the payments agreed upon. You will be invoiced immediately for the exact amount of work performed, calculated on a per day cost basis. Note that this could result in a higher amount than agreed upon, if you received a discounted flat fee quote from us.

The client will address any issues or problems regarding our work, our behavior, issues with functionalities, or anything else in writing only, and will show proper respect to anyone who works at Lionsites Web Design at all time. If not, the above result will follow. We simply refuse to work with people who show disrespect towards us and don’t appreciate any of the hard work and time we have put in for them.

If needed, a phone cal can be made, and we will listen to your complaints, but still demand afterwards for the client to put them in writing and submit them to us, and failure to do so will result in failure to take your problem seriously. Please, with any issue or complaint, we ask you to be specific and provide documentation of proof, dates, details that are important to sort out this problem and to determine whose at fault or how it can be resolved. If we are shown the respect that owe deserve, we will do our very best to fix any issue and to keep our relationship as friendly as before. This is the only way we will handle any dispute.

The client is the client, not our boss!

This is where the very few and very unpleasant clients have crossed the line most often, along with non payment issues,  usually with both. We have adapted a zero tolerance for this behavior. If it is unintentional and done in a friendly matter, you will simply receive a comment from us to please not boss us around. Id this is done in a threatening matter where the client is trying to put fear into one of us, there is no second chance. Our relationship ends right here. Your commitment to pay will still be upheld, by law if necessary.

The client is not allowed to call us during or after business hours, using a threatening, intimidating, mean, nasty, condescending or bossy tone and tell us WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, or HOW to do it.

This business is our business, not the client’s. We set the rules, the client doesn’t.

Any client who tries to enforce his own demanding rules on us, by being demanding, intimidating and unpleasant, will experience an immediate discontinuation of our relationship.

Termination of the Client Relationship:

Any form of contact by phone coming from client will be ignored and denied. We may block your number if needed. We only accept complaints in writing.

The client will receive an official letter by email or regular mail, that states the termination of the client relationship, the grounds for termination, and the amount owed to Lionsites Web Design. We can’t continue to keep working for abusive and disrespectful people. If the client can’t act reasonably and resolve matters in a courteous fashion, we do not want to work for this client ever again and we will not speak to this client ever again.

The client can’t dictate us in any shape or form on how to run our business, even if he doesn’t agree with some of our contact or other methods. He can only uphold our promises if he conducts himself in a pleasant fashion, and so will we.

At no time and under no circumstances will the client yell at us, shout at us, belittle us, make false and unfounded accusations or statements, blame us wrongly or unfoundedly, threaten us, insult or offend us, or criticize the way we do business. If the client has a valid complaint, we ask to put it in writing and be courteous, and we will take the matter very seriously.

The client CAN’T tell us what to do or what not to do! We conduct our business our way, period. We operate by doing business in writing so everything will be always be documented, and excuses of being “old school” or “I don’t do email”, when the client does have access and uses an email address, does not prohibit us from sending the client an email. If the client doesn’t want to respond by email, we ask the client to mail us the details by snail mail, if old-school methods must be used.

The client cannot forbid us to do our work using our own rules. Period!

We have the right to choose the methods we prefer to communicate and to conduct our business properly and in an ethical way. This not only protects us, but also the client in case of a dispute. Any client not following our normal business practices, any client who does not want anything to go on record, we will simply not trust. And we assume that the client wouldn’t trust a business who wouldn’t put important matters in writing either.

There is no limit at how many emails you would like to send us per day. We are not obligated to answer your emails immediately, to do the requests immediately, or we will not be able to meet our deadlines and help our other clients. If you have an urgent matter, please put the word URGENT in the subject line of your email so we can be alerted. You may phone us also to tel us that you have sent an important email that needs our attention immediately. If needed we will call you right back to discuss it.

There is absolutely ZERO tolerance for bullying. We simply don’t tolerate it. We might not say so while you are busy bullying us over the phone or by email or in person, because we might feel too intimidated at that moment, but expect serious consequences to follow and for sure, the termination of our relationship at that very moment. We will have nothing to say to the client after such behavior. whether the client has a valid point or not, it doesn’t matter. We ask the client to respect us at all times.

You will never visit any member of Lionsites Web Design at their home or place of business without an official written invitation. NEVER!

If you break this rule even once, the police will be called immediately and we will charge you with any charge the law will allow us to use. It is to protect our safety, and some might be women, so please respect our sense of security, privacy and our property.