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krauth construction company located in Venice Florida serving Sarasota County and beyond

Venice FL Construction Website Redesign

By leontine - 16th May 2015

I have just finished making http://www.krauthconstruction.com mobile friendly, did the SEO, and redesigned the website. It still needs nice photo banners on the pages, except for the home...

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Be Aware of Price Gouging by Web Designers because of Google’s April 21 Deadline!

By leontine - 14th April 2015

What is price gouging and why do some web design companies do it? Price gouging is a pejorative term referring to a situation in which a seller or service provider prices goods or services at a much higher level than is considered reasonable or fair. With the current situation being Google’s announcement to penalize non-responsive (non mobile-friendly) websites by the April 21, 2015 deadline. What’s the penalty here: your website drops to the bottom of the list in Google’s Search results. Not...

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Google deadline April 21 – warning for non-responsive websites

By leontine - 14th April 2015

The “responsive” Google deadline date is fast approaching!  Will your web site pass the test? First we need to understand what this “responsive” feature even means. It simply means this, a responsive website is a website that looks and performs well on any type of device, and on any size monitor or screen. With so many people nowadays using their smartphones or tablets to browse the Internet, Google has decided that unless your website is mobile friendly, you will lose...

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What I do that most other web designers don’t do:

By leontine - 1st April 2015

If you ever wondered why a website cost what it does and why it takes a few weeks to create or redesign a website or even make it mobile friendly? Then read the list below that itemizes the tasks I perform for each customer that I can guarantee you most other web designers will not do for you, or charge you a lot more money for. Despite this long list, I still keep my prices very low! List of additional tasks that...

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2 jobs available at Lionsites Web design

By leontine - 15th March 2015

We are so super busy these days that we need to hire a web designer and a graphic designer on a contract basis. To find out more details about the two jobs, please visit the following page: Jobs at Lionsites Web Design

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BBQ Grill Cleaning Website

By leontine - 12th March 2015

This website I actually did quite a while back and as most of my websites these days, it’s done in WordPress. John, the owner of this website cleans and repairs BBQ grills and he does a meticulous job. If you’re in need of a good cleaning or your burners aren’t working well, go to this website and give him a call or send him a message. You will not be disappointed. Cleaning or repairing an expensive BBQ grill is much...

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Onken Plumbing – Venice Plumber

By leontine - 30th January 2015

Onken Plumbing in Venice, FL is a small family-owned and operated company specialized in the plumbing trade for over 20 years. Licensed & Insured, serving all of Sarasota And Charlotte County, FL Our goal is to make your experience with us as stress-free and enjoyable as possible and work with a company you can trust. We earn that trust, with a commitment to exceptional customer service and quality. Visit Venice FL Plumber Keith Onken’s Website

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Onken Plumbing LLC Venice FL

Plumbing Website Finished

By leontine - 11th December 2014

Welcome, I have just finished a new website for a local Venice, FL plumbing company called Onken Plumbing, LLC. The website is owned by Keith Onken, a certified plumber who is licensed and insured. If you’re looking for a great plumber with low rates and excellent qualifications, call 941-270-2930 or contact this plumber via his website at Onken Plumbing, Venice FL – Serving all of Sarasota and Charlotte County FL

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Wordpress Cloud Tag SEO Benefits of using Tags with Wordpress Posts or Products

SEO help – when adding content to your WordPress website

By leontine - 7th December 2014

Say you want to add more content to your WordPress site and out of habit you create a new page that you then add to the menu. Consider using Posts instead of Pages. There’s a real advantage to that! What you can do with posts is create tags, located in the right column of editing screen. A tag is becomes linked keyword phrase, and can consist of one or more words, I would limit it at 5 maybe. You then drag the...

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dog bandana website pet store web designer

New pet store website finished!

By leontine - 30th November 2014

I have just finished a really fun project for a pet store website. The owner, Kim, makes her own personalized dog bandanas with the dog’s own name on many different styles and patterns of fabric. She wanted her old website completely redone. She had used that Intuit build your own website thing for her old website, that was not user-friendly and produced a website with extremely outdated HTML and web technologies. When I looked at the code of this “simple” 4 page website,...

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