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Backing up the .htaccess file in cpanel

By leontine - 10th April 2017

The .htaccess file of WordPress website What is the .htaccess file? The .htaccess file is a configuration file for the  Apache Web Server Software that is installed on your hosting server. This file is located in the same directory as where your WordPress website is installed, and you may find a few other .htaccess files inside some subdirectories as well, where it controls that particular subdirectory and its sub subdirectories only. If WordPress is installed in your root directory (http://www.yourwebsite.com/ ), you will find this file in the...

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Grid Systems for Screen Design – Figma is the Answer

By leontine - 20th December 2015

Grid Systems for Screen Design In the 1950s, a small group of Swiss designers started searching for a better way of systematizing how information was organized on the printed page. Their work came to be known as grid design and a handful of pioneers like Joseph Müller-Brockmann and Karl Gerstner produced work that was as beautiful as it was rational. Today their ideas are still foundational. Grids are the invisible scaffolding that give a design coherence. Their work took for granted a...

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Apple Pencil Arrived (finally)

By leontine - 19th December 2015

I have just received the long awaited and anticipated Apple Pencil in the mail, yippee! No thanks to MacMall! Thank you eBay! I can’t wait to give it a good try. I have opened the package and taken the pencil out of the nice box it came in, and it’s much longer and heavier than I thought it would be. I really like the weight of it. The nib is very similar to a real pencil, nothing like those rubber-tipped...

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“Build with Sigma.” The Collaborate Interface Design Tool

By leontine - 19th December 2015

Design, meet the internet. Finally you can do design work online, the way it should have been all along. Simultaneous editing* Work with others on the same design. At the same time. *Coming 2016 Version control Constantly saved, and old versions are accessible with one click. Cross platform Work on any operating system. On the same page. It takes a team to ship a product. Since your files are online, work together like never before. Shared Assets* Use team-wide component...

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Jetpens.com the best website for the highest quality of pens, pencils, fountain pens, markers, brushes, notebooks, memo pads, sketchbooks, nylon zippered cases and much more

Are you addicted to the finest quality writing instruments and paper products?

By leontine - 8th October 2015

If you are like me and totally addicted to the finest quality writing instruments, such as really wonderful pens, markers, and pencils, as well as to paper products, such as notebooks...

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Premium Dot Com Domain Names for Sale

300 Premium Dot Com Domain Names for Sale | Make Offer

By leontine - 1st October 2015

Over 300 amazing premium dot com domain names for sale. They all follow my Golden Rules: Pronounceable Domain Names Memorable Domain Names Domain Names Containing High-Ranking Keywords or...

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Apple Pencil and iPad Pro Features

Apple Pencil versus Wacom Cintiq Graphic Pen Display

By leontine - 21st September 2015

Information in this article is gathered from the web as well as from my own experience with the Wacom Cintiq TDK1300 Graphic Pen Display that I own. 1. The...

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Custom furniture and cabinetry maker in S. Carolina

Logo & Web Design Portfolios Updated

By leontine - 4th September 2015

I finally took the time to update my own portfolio. Both the logo design portfolio and the web design portfolio are all up to date now! Feel free...

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Daily Sudoku Puzzle 001

Daily Sudoku Puzzle # 001

By leontine - 1st September 2015

Daily Sudoku Puzzle 001 – Level: Very Difficult This Sudoku puzzle is the very first puzzle of a brand new series of very difficult daily Sudoku puzzles. Click...

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Warning: eBay is weeding out smaller sellers in favor of Power Sellers

By leontine - 29th August 2015

Here’s my story and what I encountered with eBay. I own the domain name: AmericanStockMarkets.com which is a premium top domain name as you can imagine. I lucked out tremendously...

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