Backing up the .htaccess file in cpanel

By leontine - 10th April 2017

The .htaccess file of WordPress website What is the .htaccess file? The .htaccess file is a configuration file for the  Apache Web Server Software that is installed on your...

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SEO must-do’s for every (new) website

By leontine - 9th July 2015

Below I have two sections on SEO, the kind of SEO work you do just once with some additional tweaking regularly as follow-up maintenance, and the kind of SEO work...

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How to Test Your Website for Mobile Friendliness

By leontine - 20th May 2015

How to Test Your WordPress Website for Responsive Design Posted on May 19 by Tom Ewer Responsive web design was first introduced to us by Ethan Marcotte in a...

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Wordpress Cloud Tag SEO Benefits of using Tags with Wordpress Posts or Products

SEO help – when adding content to your WordPress website

By leontine - 7th December 2014

Say you want to add more content to your WordPress site and out of habit you create a new page that you then add to the menu. Consider using...

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12 E-Commerce Must-Do’s from an E-Commerce Expert (me)

By leontine - 29th July 2014

So you would like to sell your exciting products or services online! You are about to enter the toughest type of business there is; online sales. Before getting...

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How to create your own WordPress website

By leontine - 26th March 2014

 The Fast and inexpensive do-it-yourself way!   STEP 1: REGISTERING DOMAIN NAME AND ORDERING HOSTING: 1. Register your new domain name at or other registrar. 2. Save your...

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How to move WordPress site to new host in less than 15 minutes

By leontine - 29th November 2013

Move your WordPress Website Using cpanel Only This method works great and really fast if both hosting servers, the one you are currently using and the new one,...

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How to Become a High-End Web Designer

By leontine - 26th September 2013

How I got started and became a successful, high quality, web designer This whole article  comes from my own experience and might be different for other designers. I...

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