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“Build with Sigma.” The Collaborate Interface Design Tool

Design, meet the internet.
Finally you can do design work online,
the way it should have been all along.
Simultaneous editing*
Work with others on the same design.
At the same time.
*Coming 2016
Version control
Constantly saved, and old versions
are accessible with one click.
Cross platform
Work on any operating system.
On the same page.
It takes a team to ship a product.
Since your files are online,
work together like never before.
Shared Assets*
Use team-wide component libraries
to share brand assets.
*Coming 2016
Shared Colors
Set brand colors and use them
consistently across your team.
Communicate with your team
directly on designs.
From idea to app.
Built for designs that live in the real world.
Get to a better outcome faster.
Vector Networks
A new approach to the pen tool.
Create pixel-perfect icons faster than ever.
Constraint Systems
Designs automatically adapt
to different screen sizes.
Live Device Preview*
See changes in real-time
on your mobile device.
*Coming 2016
Build with Figma.
Sign up to reserve your spot.
They’ll let you in as soon as they can.
Stay Tuned!!!

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