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Leontine Vandermeer, web designer & developer with Lionsites Web Design

Owner, Leontine (Lee) Vandermeer

Lionsites Web Design located in Venice FL specializes in website design for any size business.


ionsites Web Design in Venice FL was founded in 2001 by Leontine Vandermeer, and has been providing high performing websites to businesses, individuals and organizations.

“I try to stay abreast of the latest developments and technologies in web design and offer my clients the most modern up-to-date designs and functionalities. Which means I am constantly learning something!”

As per Google’s requirement: All websites built by me will be mobile friendly!

Why my Sales Experience Comes in so Handy!

In my previous careers I was a stock broker with Dean Witter in California, and an insurance sales person with Murual of Omaha. I even sold appliances at Sears for a short while.

When I got hired by these companies, I received some of the very best sales training in the country. Dean Witter sent me to NY City for a whole month to receive sales training. The classes were given in the late World Trade Center where Dean Witter occupied an entire floor. That was in the 90’s and it was an amazing experience.

Because of this sales training, I know a thing or two about selling and marketing and I apply this knowledge to how I build my websites.

For example, how the home page needs to be constructed and laid out, how and what type of sales copy to write (I do a lot of writing myself, always), how to apply an effective “Call-to-Action” on the home page and other pages. How to influence the web visitor’s behavior, and so much more.

I think this is what sets me apart from other web designers more than anything!

After all, a website is supposed to make you money, right?

It’s Rare being both Very Creative and Very Technical

Most people are either one or the other. For example, graphic designers tend to be more right-brained people while programmers are usually very left-brained. I happen to be both and I also love both.

I love to create and I always come up with tons of ideas, not just ideas on design but also ideas on how my customer can make more money, what to do with a website and how to do something differently.

Then I really enjoy the technical aspects as well, such as programming or figuring out really complicated issues. I never give up so I usually solve any problem that comes my way.

I do all the work myself, very rarely have anyone help me. I am a real expert at CSS3 and WordPress (doesn’t matter if you don’t know what this is, just know it’s good!)

So yes, I’m a creative nerd.

Don’t think I never make any mistakes! I sure do, I’m not perfect, but I always confess to them and fix them.

On a More personal Level

For fun I do high-level Sudoku puzzles or I research stuff on the Internet or play games on my iPad. I also love to draw and paint and do crafty stuff. My other passion is animals, especially my beloved dog Bouffie. I can’t finish this page without mentioning him. There are tons of other things I like to do but this is not a dating website 🙂

I am not your typical woman but now you know who I am. Oh and I am Dutch, of course!

Lionsites Web Design specializes in the following services:

  • Web design for small & medium businesses & individuals
  • E-commerce (online stores), directory websites, community & association websites
  • Logo design
  • SEO (Advanced Search Engine Optimization)

No website too small or too large!

If you would like a FREE web design or website redesign quote  please contact me and call 941-445-5919